The perception of size created by colors and shapes

As well as the importance of the color you use on the walls, the effect of the color choice on the floor will also be great. The feeling of calm provided by light pastel colors on the walls will make the living room perceived larger than it really is. You can support colors such as mint green, milky brown tones or light gray with geometric patterned light color carpets. In addition, round thin-framed or frameless mirrors that you can use on the wall will also facilitate the transition for the shapes on the carpet.

The small living room is no longer a problem, you can create your own peaceful living space by taking advantage of the intimate atmosphere created by the small spaces. The thing you need to pay attention to is that the items you use should be selected in a way that makes the space appear wider.

No matter how small the living room is, there is always room for the right accessories. An elegant floor lamp with chic gold glow or large thin-framed paintings ...